The Haven

The Haven was one of our 2019 Grant Recipients. Our grant allowed them to expand their Selby Preschool, by adding two additional classrooms, increasing capacity over 50%, and more! Since Covid-19, The Haven has been able to reopen their educational programs by going virtual. Their residential program is fully operational.

Current issues stem from not being able to open the Haven Industries program which serves over 225 adults each day on campus. The program offers them paid employment training through contracts with Bealls and other large companies.

The Haven is projecting a $60k a month deficit as a result of that program not operating. The Haven’s top needs now are:

1. Operational dollars to make up the monthly deficit they are facing.

2. Laptops – for preschool and high school families that don’t have the means to participate in the virtual learning.

3. Web Cameras- the Haven is trying to go virtual with employment training however over 80% of the adults in the Haven Industries program live below the poverty line.


The Giving Challenge is a great way for Impact 100 Members to help.
The Haven is a participant this year and all donations of up to $100 are matched by the Patterson Foundation.

It starts April 28th at noon.
Thanks for thinking of the Haven and all of the support!

Mothers Helping Mothers


Mothers Helping Mothers was one of our 2019 Grant Recipients. They were able to purchase the building they operate in as a result of our grant, and have expressed how helpful it has been to not pay rent during the Covid-19 crisis.

They are busier than ever now, with less volunteers and an increased demand in their goods and services. Please click the link to see how you may be able to help them. Specifically they need cribs, mattresses, and cash. If you choose to donate, there is a link within the link that allows you to donate through the generous Flanzer Foundation and donations will be matched up to $500 each. Thank you!


Click Here for Link

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast was our Environment and Recreation Finalist in 2019. At present, they are providing education and outreach services online only in order to follow social distancing protocol. They work daily to connect people to the beauty and bliss of the outdoors from the safety of their own homes and neighborhoods. Their land protection team continues to do the behind the scenes work of saving land via online meetings, phone calls, and emails. They are working as strategically as possible to ensure that when people are once again free to go out in public, they will have parks, preserves, nature trails and waterways to explore and enjoy. And we are working on a bold initiative to create a connected corridor of protected lands through six counties, from the Everglades to Duette Preserve in Manatee County through Babcock-Webb Preserve and the Myakka Island.

That said, the largest single property in this corridor is finally within reach. The decades-long quest to permanently protect Orange Hammock Ranch is in sight. This 5,777-acre property safeguards the region’s drinking water, reduces flood risk and will provide access to the public for recreation and eco-tourism opportunities.

***Conservation Foundation must raise $1.5 million by June 1 from the community in order to save this property so vital to our region.*** To donate, learn more details, and for updates on progress, visit: