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Arts & Culture

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe
The Impact100 SRQ grant will fund payroll expenses for Leadership, Counselors and a New Education Director, Guest Teaching Artists, Musicians, Elementary Program Guest Actors, and Travel expenses to bring
those guests to Sarasota.

The impact this will have on the community will be to expand the 5-week summer Stage of Discovery (SOD)
program over the next two years to 25-30 upper elementary/early middle school students with an on campus program of rigorous dance, vocal and acting training in the summer of 2021 and 2022. The project will be sustained through individual donor solicitation throughout the year, foundation research and grant applications as they are available, and through special events.


The SKY Family YMCA: The Impact 100 SRQ grant will fund the renovation of the old early learning center.

These renovations will allow them to increase their capacity by serving more children daily through programs that promote positive youth development. These improvements will also help the building become a safe place.

The impact this will have on the community will be that once these repairs are made the Y will be able to serve an additional 120 children daily. The renovated building will serve as an expansion of the early learning center and school-age care program. Four classrooms will be added to create more classroom space for three to five-year-olds. The project will be sustained by the increased capacity of the current early learning and school age care programs. The long-term sustainability of the project will be funded from program fees.

Environment & Recreation

Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage The Impact100 SRQ grant will fund a connective bridge project. This Impact100 grant will construct two bridges which will connect the east side of the 95-acre FISH Preserve to the west side, as well as providing educational trail signage to assist visitors in understanding what they are seeing as they walk the shell covered trails and help them understand why the land was so environmentally important to save. A new FISH Preserve entrance sign will be designed and installed, as well as two benches and an informational kiosk.

The impact this will have on the community will be to make the 95 acres preserve accessible to all people. It will attract at least 500 visitors per week once fully accessible. It will provide improvement to and protection of an environment upon which the Cortez, Manatee County and the State of Florida depends now and for generations to come. The project will be sustainable because once all the construction is complete the upkeep will be minimal. They have the strong support of FISH’s large volunteer base, their ongoing relationships with other established non-profits, educational and county entities, and their overwhelming support by the community of Cortez.


Children’s Cancer Center The Impact 100 SRQ grant will fund the following programs for families in Sarasota and Manatee dealing with childhood cancer: Oncology Connection Group, Art & Music Therapy, MOMS group, Flight Camp, Family Fun Day, Holiday Adoption, Counseling and Financial Assistance, as well as the cost of rent and payroll expenses for the programs and family services staff.

The impact this will have on the community is determined by the number of patients/families that choose to participate in these programs. It is estimated that they could reach up to 50 families in Sarasota and Manatee. The project will be sustained by developing relationships in the Sarasota community to start hosting fundraising events to generate funds to run programs after the grant period ends.

Health & Wellness

Mayor’s Feed the Hungry Program The Impact 100 SRQ grant will fund the purchase of a refrigerated truck, the payroll associated with hiring a licensed driver, fuel for the truck, insurance, ongoing maintenance, and signage to wrap the sides of the box. The vehicle will be wrapped with the MFTH logo as well as our Impact100 SRQ logo.

The impact this will have on the community will be that having a refrigerated truck will provide perishable food items that would otherwise not have been available to our food pantries and would have been thrown away. This will have a significant impact on our local food pantries, and the families they serve, who will be receiving more food and a much greater variety of fresh food including milk, vegetables, and meats. The project will be sustained by providing for the operation and maintenance of the vehicle through an account that will be established for that purpose.