What is 110% membership?

Most women we know always give 110% in all they do. Joining Impact 100 SRQ at 110% allows $100 to go toward general operating expenses, including keeping the grant application process free of charge to submitting non-profits.

Your entire $1,000 membership will go towards a deserving non-profit through a vote process at the annual grant award ceremony.

What if I don't have $1,000, can I combine my membership with friends?

Yes! That’s the power of women coming together! Shared memberships can have 2 Members. There is an additional $100 administrative fee to set this up. Although there may be 2 members, one vote is allowed at the annual meeting and at the committee level. If shared members decide to serve on a committee, they may serve on the same committee and receive one vote at the committee level. Individuals within a shared membership may write their own check in order to receive their contributed tax benefit. A shared membership form must be completed with all members names. Individuals in a shared membership may not serve on the Board of Directors or serve as a Committee Chair; all Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must be 110% members.

Can I purchase multiple memberships and receive more votes?

No, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. But you can prepay your membership for subsequent years and/or you can sponsor others to join Impact 100 SRQ.

Do you have opportunities for volunteers that can't donate $1,000?

We welcome “Friends of Impact 100” and are thrilled when an individual or a foundation wants to help us with our annual expenses through monetary donations or in-kind service donations. Our costs are held to a minimum as much as possible since we are an “all volunteer board”.

Can I volunteer my time on a committee if I am not an Impact100 SRQ member?

No. Volunteers are required to be an Impact 100 SRQ member and are encouraged to volunteer in some capacity, but it is not required. Thank you for your consideration!

Can my company pay for my membership?

Yes, your company can pay for your membership.