Herald Tribune – Impact100 SRQ: Women raised $228K

Impact 100 SRQ awarded $228,000 in strategic, high impact grants to two local non-profits committed to improving the community. The group of local women philanthropists announced the 2019 grant recipients at Impact 100 SRQ’s annual meeting and grants award celebration in November.

The two Sarasota and Manatee non-profit recipients were selected from five finalists recognized during the meeting. Both receive a grant of $114,000 to support the following “community changing” programs:

  • The Haven: Selby Preschool Expansion. This grant will fund the preschool’s expansion to accommodate more children.
  • Mothers Helping Mothers: Mothers Helping Mothers is Expecting. This grant will go toward the purchase of the building they are currently leasing.

The final vote to select the two high-impact grant recipients happened after the five finalists delivered a 10-minute presentation to the Impact 100 SRQ membership. Members cast their live vote and the two $114,000 grant recipients were immediately announced.

Through this collective giving, Impact 100 SRQ members demonstrate leadership and camaraderie as they cultivate community transformation together, said Jane Watt, Impact 100 SRQ chapter president. As of the end of today’s event, over 100 women have stepped up to contribute to 2020 grants.

“That ensures we have the support we need to award at least one $100,000 grant,” Watt said “But we think we can do even better. Our goal is to fund five $100,000 grants in 2020, making this more impactful as more women join this powerful new way of giving as one, allowing us to support more non-profits doing amazing work in our community.”