Impact 100 SRQ seeks to benefit communities of Sarasota & Manatee Counties by annually awarding at least one high-impact grant to fund innovative, meaningful projects. The concept is simple:

The annual $1,000 donations of Impact 100 SRQ members fund the grants. The number and size of grants given is dependent on the number of members. The goal is to give incremental grants of $100,000 each year to a non-profit organization serving Sarasota & Manatee County communities.

Membership is open to all women over the age of 18 and renewable annually.

Nonprofits are eligible to apply for a grant in one of our five focus areas. The project must predominantly serve Sarasota & Manatee County communities.

Members of Impact 100 SRQ may choose to volunteer to serve on committees that evaluate the grants and select a finalist in each area.

Finalists are chosen and a representative of each of the finalists gives a brief presentation of the agency’s proposal at the annual meeting of Impact 100 SRQ. The entire membership of Impact 100 SRQ votes to select the winners.

Recipient agencies are given 24 months to complete their projects. Funds are disbursed as programs are implemented.

P.O. BOX 49887 Sarasota, FL 34230  Contact us at: 941-405-7466

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