In September 2001, in Cincinnati, Ohio, an idea to promote philanthropy formed in the mind of Wendy Steele.

With the help of Wendy’s close friends and business associates, that idea became the non-profit organization operating as IMPACT 100 Cincinnati. The original notion: Impact 100 would consist of at least 100 women members, each contributing $1,000. These funds would be pooled and fully donated as transformation grants of no less than $100,000 to non-profit organizations serving Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. By early 2002, Impact 100, Inc. had acquired their non-profit status.  They made their first grant of $123,000 in the Fall of that year.  In January 2003, People Magazine published a story about Impact 100.  After the article was featured, Wendy's model began to flourish across the country and into Australia.

The vision to start a Sarasota Chapter of Impact 100 began in February, 2017.  Jane Watt, our founding president, was incredibly inspired by her mother and sister's involvement in their Impact 100 Pensacola chapter.  Jane shared her dream of founding a chapter in Sarasota with two of her close friends, Jodie Zerega and Tilly McFadden.  Together, the three of them built the infrastructure that enabled her dream to become a reality.  Impact 100 SRQ was officially incorporated in May 2017. Their passion for Impact 100 has quickly spread among the women in the community. Their hope is to empower women of all ages, staged, income levels and backgrounds to collectively join together to give transformational grants in Sarasota and Manatee counties.  Together we will make a sustainable impact in our community...one transformational grant at a time.  

Impact 100 SRQ debuts as the 53rd not-for-profit chapter in the international network with a goal to award a high impact $100,000 grant to one not-for-profit in Sarasota or Manatee county, annually, beginning in 2019.   

P.O. BOX 49887 Sarasota, FL 34230  Contact us at: 941-405-7466

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