Thank you for joining this wonderful organization.  We appreciate that you have chosen to participate in giving transformational grant(s) to nonprofits in our community.

As a member of Impact100 SRQ, you are encouraged, but not obligated to volunteer in some capacity.  Serving on a committee is a privilege to active members only. Being involved in some capacity truly solidifies you feeling like part of the movement. Below are some of the ways in which members can share their expertise or take on something new.

Thank you for considering these ways to assist Impact100 SRQ!  Depending on the number of responses we receive, you may or may not be called upon.  Rest assured that we appreciate your willingness to help and will certainly call you when we have a need in your chosen area. 

How can I give my time?



Please feel free to inquire about participation in a workgroup where you have relevant background and expertise.  We would LOVE to have you join us on this journey to transform our community. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator to be connected with the appropriate Director.




Impact Cares




Attend the Annual Celebration (November)

Once you have made the commitment to join Impact100 SRQ, the most basic thing you can do to get involved is attend the annual celebration so you can vote for the grant recipients.

If you cannot attend, then be sure to send in an absentee ballot. We will email a link prior to the meeting to all members.

Talk about IMPACT100 SRQ and help us recruit members

Educating others about Impact100 SRQ and our mission is a year-round task, and our members are our best ambassadors.  Our best membership recruiting tool is the enthusiasm shown by our members.

Invite your friends to join you at a Membership Engagement/Recruitment Event (Fun + 1). Invite them to join you at our Annual Celebration. Most people are more likely to become interested and attend an event if invited personally by someone they know.

  • Talk to people about Impact100 SRQ and the work we do.
  • Request an Impact100 SRQ Board member to address any affinity, civic or social organizations that you belong to.
  • Join and subscribe to our social media pages or groups (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin). Be sure to “Like and “Share” our posts.
Join a Focus Area Committee

This is one of the best ways to be involved.  You will learn so much about the nonprofits in our community.

All members are invited to join one of our Focus Area Committees (FACs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact100 SRQ. Every year we create one committee for each of our five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Education; Environment and Recreation; Family and  Health & Wellness.

Serving on a FAC is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in Impact100 SRQ. You will learn about the needs in our community and about our grants process. These committees meet during the Grants Phase (typically mid-June through mid-September) and perform in-depth reviews of grant applications, conduct site visits and narrow down finalists for the entire membership vote in November. You can choose a FAC based on the focus area or by the convenience of the time.

Read more about Focus Area Committees

Sign up for a Focus Area Committee.

Sign-Up will always begin at the Big Reveal.

Fundraising Assistance

Help us raise funds for operations and events through sponsorships, donations and event hosts. Or if possible, make an additional donation to support an event yourself.

Reach out to Nonprofits to Apply for Grants

Encourage nonprofit organizations that you know and/or support to attend our Nonprofit Workshop and complete a grant application by the grant application deadline.

Volunteer Your Time

IMPACT100 SRQ hosts events each year, including our Annual Celebration, Grant Workshops, Focus Area Committee Meetings, and other Membership Events. It takes a diverse group of volunteers to make these events a success.

  • Greeters: Volunteers may be asked to provide assistance at Check-In at events such as the Big Reveal, Membership Engagement and Recruitment events, and Nonprofit events with our past grant recepients.
  • Food or Drinks for Events: Volunteers may be asked to bring a small contribution such as an appetizer or dessert to events such as the Big Reveal, Membership Recruitment events, and Nonprofit Workshops.


Share your Professional Expertise

From time to time, we call upon our members for their professional advice.  If you are willing, please notify us if you have expertise in any of these areas.  Doing so will not obligate you as a volunteer, nor does it guarantee that you will be called.  Thank you!

  • Accounting & Finance: Assist with review of financial data on grant applications prior to committee meetings. Assist with accounting or financial questions on occasion if needed.
  • Attorney: Assist by providing legal assistance if and/or when the need arises.
  • Technology: The backbone of every organization these days is technology and the applications that help to run the day-to-day business. Impact100 SRQ needs help at all skill and experience levels to keep the systems running.
  • Website Design:  Assist with website design, content updates and implementations when called upon to help.
  • Database Development:  Assist with the management of our member or grant databases, and help with strategic technology evaluations and decisions on new or existing data management systems.
  • Graphic Design Skills: Assist by sharing your expertise with Adobe Creative Suite to create graphics for print and digital advertising, website, advertising specialties, newsletters and other printed materials. InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop components are used for Impact100 SRQ’s graphic designs.
  • Public Relations/Communications: Communication is critical to our organization’s success. We need members who are creative strategic thinkers, writers or just plain doers. Also, those members who have the ability to help with free publicity are always needed.
  • Writing and Editing:  Assist with writing of press releases, content for print or email publications, Impact100 SRQ newsletters and other communications. Help create marketing materials. Assist with Historian duties.

Contact for more information.