What is the deadline for grant application?

April 28, 2021 12pm EST

What are some of the reasons applications are rejected?

Some of the reasons grant applications are rejected include:

  • The non-profit requested less than $100,000
  • The non-profit submitted more than 1 application
  • The proposed program, project or non-profit organization itself is not viable or transformational
  • The goal, objectives, and impact of the grant request are not clearly defined
  • The grant project/program may not demonstrate the ability to fully expend the grant funds or complete the project within the 24-month time-frame
  • The grant project/program, if designed to be ongoing, does not show how it will be sustained at the end of the grant
  • The project/program budget is not clear or well defined
  • The grant project/program does not demonstrate or explain the need in Sarasota and/or Manatee Counties
  • The request does not meet the eligibility requirements of Impact100 SRQ and as outlined on the website and application
If we are not chosen to be a grant recipient, will someone let us know how we can improve our application?

No, we cannot provide specific feedback to any applicant. The reason for this is that the committee members that review your grant will change each year. If we were to provide feedback from this year’s site visit team, next year’s site visit team might have a totally different perspective. If you were to make changes based on the opinions of these ladies alone, it might have no relevance whatsoever to a different group of ladies reading and evaluating your grant next year.

Can our organization submit different grant applications in different focus areas?

No, each non-profit organization may submit only one grant application each year.

Will Impact100 SRQ decide which grant review committee will review an application?

No, Each non-profit organization will select the Initiative Focus Area for “First Choice” that best matches the proposed initiative. Select subsequent focus areas in decreasing order of match so that the Focus Area chosen for the “Fifth Choice” least matches the initiative.

If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon can we resubmit the proposal?

You may apply again the following year.

If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

Individual organizations that receive the $100,000 Impact100 SRQ grant cannot apply for the following 2 years. Organizations that apply but are not selected as finalists, or are finalists who do not receive the Impact100 SRQ grant, may reapply the following year.

Can we include our brochures, annual reports and videos about our organization?

No. These items are not taken into account in the initial review of the grant application. However, we will be interested in obtaining this type of information during our site visits.

How does Impact100 SRQ pay out the grant money?

Impact100 SRQ disburses the grant money as a one-time payment or as an installment payment, depending on what they deem to be the most fiscally responsible. A grant applicant may request either type of payment in the application.

What is the period of time the grant money must be spent?

Impact100 SRQ requires a maximum expenditure time frame of 2 years.

What are the counties from which Impact100 SRQ will accept grant applications?

Impact100 SRQ will accept grant applications from non-profit organizations in Sarasota and/or Manatee counties.

Does Impact100 SRQ fund current operating expenses?

No, Impact100 SRQ grants are meant to be transformational. Please refer to the grant eligibility requirements on our website.

Can a faith based non-profit organization receive a grant?

Yes, Benefits of the project or program must be available to any person(s), regardless of religious beliefs or practices.

Are grants always for the same amount?

Not necessarily. Each grant is a minimum of $100,000. The total grant amount may fluctuate depending on membership.

Will more consideration be given to projects that affect more than one county?

Not necessarily. Our members are advised to look at the impact of a request. That includes both breadth and depth. What resonates with one committee may not resonate with another. We ask you to speak from the heart (and back it up with data) what the true impact will be to those you serve.

If the most recent budget is not approved by an agency’s board by the grant deadline, can the “draft” be submitted?

Yes. Impact100 SRQ is interested in your project budget and even though it is not officially approved, it must still be a realistic budget. Please note that the process asks you to confirm that the non-profit Executive Director and/or Board President are aware of the application. Grant recipients are responsible to spend all funds in the manner with which they applied for the grant.

Do you look to fund only “new impacts” or would you consider supporting previously awarded impact areas?

Impact100 SRQ encourages all types of applications and if your program will change lives, we encourage you to submit it for consideration. Our committees have full control over who they choose as their finalist.

Are committee chairs allowed/willing to meet with me to discuss prior year submissions(s) in an effort to improve upon our previous application?

No. Impact100 SRQ prides itself on its ability to maintain a level playing field amongst all applicants. In addition, due to the ever-changing makeup of membership and committee involvement, any advice given might actually be invalid and misleading into the next year.

Who can I contact for more information?
How should I submit my Application?

Applications are submitted online. See the Grants Timeline page for deadlines and the Eligibility


Who can we contact to discuss our grant application?
The funding we need for our proposal is more than the $100,000 grant Impact100 SRQ offers. Can we submit a proposal for more than the $100,000?

Yes. However, you must identify the additional funding sources for your proposal on the full proposal budget form.

The funding we need for our proposal is less than the $100,000 grant Impact100 SRQ offers. Can we submit a proposal for less than the full amount?

No. Impact100 SRQ is looking for proposals that use the full $100,000 grant.

What kind of communication can we expect from Impact100 SRQ during this process?

Impact100 SRQ notifies all applicants at each stage of the application process, even if they are not invited to receive a site visit or become a finalist.